Does your project need an open road? Located in Central Montana at the former Lewistown airport, Transcend’s research center offers four miles of real-world paved test surface, a highly innovative, multidisciplinary research staff, and a comprehensive communications, power, and data networking infrastructure. In short, we’re the only laboratory of our kind: diverse, isolated, and ready to test, develop, and research virtually any innovation that relies on the open road.

To date, we’ve tested de-icing equipment and techniques, evaluated animal detection systems, and confirmed the durability of fly-ash concrete. But with plenty of room, long stretches of road, and zero interruptions, we welcome you to use our facility for whatever you can dream up.

Fan on snowmaking gun Snowmaking gun shooting snow into the air Researchers adjusting a hose on a snow gun


  • Safety and Operations
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Materials
  • Human Factors
  • Winter Maintenance and Effects
  • Road Ecology


  • Systems Engineering, Development and Integration
  • Specialized Driver Training
  • Sensor Design
  • Recycled Materials Utilization


  • Vehicle Infrastructure Integration
  • Intelligent Transportation Sytems
  • Product Testing
  • Winter Driving Conditions
  • Infrastructure Corrosion