Customize the Transcend Facility to Suit Your Needs

With 230 acres of land containing 4 miles of former runways and taxiways at the Lewistown Airport, Transcend’s research facility offers virtually limitless possibilities. From 4,500 feet of water line drawing from a 15 feet deep, 1.3 million gallon reservoir, we can pump 1000 gallons per minute at 500 psi - creating a blinding snowstorm or torrential downpour on the roadway. A heated shop building is available for instrumenting vehicles, conducting experiments, or maintaining equipment. A remote research office is connected to a robust communication system. We have a weather station to transmit data to the main Western Transportation Institute (WTI) research office in Bozeman. There is ample pavement space and open ground to customize research areas to fit the needs of each unique project. The test area is isolated from public roads, enabling researchers to work safely while still on a full-scale road bed.

Transcend can easily accommodate a project that needs an entirely new road bed constructed and instrumented — we have the space and the people power. Whereas field testing has typically been conducted on sections of highway where natural events and traffic are difficult to control and results can be clouded by a variety of variables, many of these factors can be controlled at Transcend so that researchers may better understand what technologies, methodologies, or ideas will work best. Transcend is an ideal location for creating custom, large-scale, product or equipment-testing environments. If a foot of snow is needed to test the capabilities of a snow removal system but the skies are blue, as long as the temperature is cold you won't have to wait long for a snow storm at Transcend!